How you can Enable or Disable Norton Password Manager?

Norton antivirus software is one of the leading antivirus software within the market. Norton antivirus comes with various unique features like a password manager.

Norton Password manager will help you to manipulate the managers. This function is an extra security feature on your system. This password manager feature is most suitable while performing online transactions. The password manager feature will help you to control the personal statistics like address, birth date, credit score card, or other data in a secure and guarded way. You can turn off these features from Google Chrome or different browsers.

How you can enable Norton password manager in Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome and pick the setting alternative. In settings, open the more tools and choose the extensions. Now search for the Norton password manager choice and check the enabled box field. Enable the possibility to turn on the Norton password manager

how you can disable password manager in Google Chrome

Start Google Chrome and open the setting choice. In setting options search for more tools, pick the extensions. Looking for the Norton password manager in the extensions section. Deselect the box to disable of the Norton password manager

How you can enable Norton password manager in Mozilla firefox

Open the Mozilla Firefox and choose the Menu and select the Add-ons. Looking at the extensions tab and click at the Norton password manager. Enable the Norton Password Manager.

How you can disable the Norton password manager firefox

Open the Mozilla browser and visit the menu option. Select the add-ons and pick out the extensions tab and pick out the Norton password manager. Disable this option by using deselecting the box.

How you can Enable Norton password Manager in safari

Start the Safari browser and visit the Safari menu alternative and click on the options. Chose the extensions option inside the alternatives. Now pick the Norton password manager and enable the alternative to show at the Norton password manager.

How you can disable the Norton password manager safari

Go to the Safari browser and open the menu option. In the Menu, pick the alternatives section, Search for the extensions section in the possibilities. Turn off the Norton password manager by deselecting the option.

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