Norton Setup

In these days normally we buy Norton from neighbourhood stores like Walmart and staples OR on the web. In both case we get a Norton product key for installation however we don’t get any Norton installation CD/DVD. We need to go to Norton site australia and download Norton on the device. Norton protects all devices from online threats, cyber-attack, hacking, other infection, virus, spyware, malware and trojan. We have a different different version of Norton security. You can go to australia to install Norton product on your computer. Normally used version of Norton are: Norton antivirus Plus, Norton 360 Standard, Norton 360 Deluxe 3 Devices, Norton 360 Deluxe, Norton Family, Norton Utilities Premium and Norton 360 Premium. You can subscribe of any version as per your need. For Norton installation, first of all, you need a Norton Online account. Let’s have a look on how to create Norton account below:

How to create a Norton account?

Norton account is your own record for dealing with your Norton administrations. With the help of Norton account, you can subscribe, renew or take a refund of your all the service. You can log in to your Norton account through australia and install the security on your device. If you don’t have a Norton account, visit australia and at that point, you can sign-up for a new Norton account. It required your first name, last name, telephone number, email address. 

These days we have a various different email account of different website’s, either personal or official so forgetting passwords is very common. Thus overlooking Norton password is likewise basic issue customer’s face. Norton has very easy steps to reset your Norton account password. Go to Norton sign in page norton/setup australia hit Forget user id or password box and type your email address and click RESET password tab. It will send a password reset link into your personal email account. You have to log in with your email account and create a new password for your Norton Account from that link. 

Now you can log in to Norton account with your email address and new password. After signing to Norton account you can manage any Norton service or subscription. Once you have created Norton account then you can easily install the security on your computer. Please find Norton installation process steps below :

How to install Norton :

As we know Norton is one of the best user-friendly antivirus software in the market so everybody wants to have it on their device. Norton is the best security programming alongside very customer friendly interface. One who have Norton on the PC, never need to think about PC security from infection and any digital dangers since they know Norton will consistently be there for ensuring the security of their device. Norton is the best 360-degree protection for the entirety of your device. You can follow these simple steps to install Norton on your device.
1: Go to australia
2: Click SIGN IN
3: Enter your email address and password
4: Click Download and install
5: Run the downloaded setup file.
6: Follow on-screen instructions
7: Run setup and click Finish once done.
8: Restart your computer. 

This is a very simple installation process for new devices. If you have an old device where you are already using Norton older version or any other security software then first you need to uninstall them from your device and then you can go with Norton fresh installation. We will provide you a few steps about how to uninstall conflicting software from your computer before Norton installation. Please have a look below :

How to uninstall Norton Antivirus from Windows & MAC

There are two ways to uninstall Norton from your device.
First to uninstall it from Control panel in Windows computer and simply move Norton to trash in MAC.
Second and the best-recomended way to run Norton removal Tool NRT.
Here we will provide you with the steps through which you can easily remove the Norton Antivirus on your Windows or MAC.

How to Uninstall Norton in Windows?


  • Press and hold the Windows key and press R on the keyboard. Windows+R
  • RUN window will open on the left-hand side bottom.
  • Type APPWIZ.CPL and it will open programs and features on your screen.
  • Here you can see all the installed program. Please find the Norton Antivirus and click on it.
  • Click on Uninstall button. Click Next and follow on-screen instructions. 
  • It will uninstall Norton from your computer. Now Restart your computer to take effect.
  • Apart from the control panel we have one more way through NRT. Let’s have a look at how we can remove Norton using NRT.
  • Open any browser (IE,edge,chrome,firefox)
  • Search for Norton removal tool.
  • Download NRT and run the tool. 
  • Follow on-screen instructions
  • Restart computer once finish.

How to Uninstall Norton in MAC?

  • Go to Finder and Locate Norton Antivirus.
  • Drag the Norton icon to the Trash
  • OR select the Norton and choose File – Move to Trash.
  • It will ask for Apple device user name password.
  • Please type the user name and password.
  • Now close Finder and click Empty Trash.