What is Norton Cloud Backup? How Do I set up it?

Norton by way of Symantec Corporation has come up with a unique feature – taking the backup of your important files. Norton Online Backup facility will give you the option to take the backups of your personal files both on your machine and remotely on any other system.

It is obligatory to have a robust and active net connection on your system to back up all your files using Norton Online Backup client installation. Get Expert help visit norton.com/setup.

Norton cloud backup working?

  • Open the Norton protection product and choose the choice of backup.
  • Click at the Backup choice to create a new Backup report set.
  • Create a new Backup set; you can assign any name for this backup set.
  • Once you create a hard and fast call, it will prompt you for what documents to backup
  • Select What option and it will display special documents and folders for your system.
  • Select the precise folder for taking backup.
  • Once you choose all the files to be sponsored up now you need to pick out the region wherein you want to take the backup.
  • Once you pick out the Where option, you may get three options, to keep on steady on-line storage, tough disk partition and external CD/DVD drive option
  • Select the online storage option and click on the following tab.
  • Once you pick out When an alternative, it will show special schedules like Automatic option, (which is an advocated alternative) Weekly, Monthly and Manual schedule.
  • Select the automatic option and store the settings.
  • Now click at the Run backup button.
  • It will start taking the backup of all your files and folders automatically.
  • You will get redirected to the screen that will display the anticipated time for backup.
  • Once your complete backup is done near the window. Now all your documents have a backup on Norton on-line backup website.

Get your Norton product key visit Norton.com/setup.

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